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Congratulations on making this potentially life-changing career decision! We are honored that you have selected Phoenix Cyber Academy. We don’t want you to get too excited, wait, that’s not true! We do want you to be excited because according to ZipRecruiter, as of Apr 15, 2021, the average annual pay for an Entry Level Cyber Security Analyst in the United States is $82,565 a year! We don’t know about you but that’s some good money.

But, you may not be making that today. We get it. This is why we have made our program fast and affordable.

How does our program compare to local education providers? Well, the very affordable and high-quality Maricopa County Community College offers a Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Cybersecurity Fundamentals, which we encourage all students consider as an affordable, albeit more lengthy, alternative. Please note, the CCL does not include the industry-accepted certifications within our program.

We absolutely encourage all students to pursue a higher education from an traditional institute of higher education. This especially holds true if you have aspirations to reach the higher leadership ranks of an organization since many of these positions require an undergraduate degree, at a minimum.

However, if you want to start earning a decent salary for a great employer sooner rather than later then you’ve come to the right place. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement benefits so gaining employable cyber security skills may be a great way to get your foot in the door and gain access to this benefit to pay for your undergraduate degree. If your new employer doesn’t offer this benefit, then hopefully the money you’re earning in your new job will help reduce the financial pain.

Still not convinced this is the path for you? No worries, contact us and we can answer any questions you have. No pressure, we promise.

If you are ready to rock-n-roll then simply complete the following Admissions Application form. We strongly recommend you you review the Phoenix Cyber Academy Admissions Guide!

Admissions Policy and link to download the Admissions Guide:

Personal Story

Phoenix Cyber Academy is committed to identifying and serving underserved and disadvantaged community members. But, that's not enough, you must have a genuine interest in the field of cyber security and ambition. This program is challenging and we want to hear your personal story that provides us a glimpse into the person you are and the challenges you have faced. Finally, tell us how our program, and ultimately a career in cyber security, fits into the goals and dreams you have. Please attach a text or Microsoft Word file of your personal story.
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